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Most of us have at least some old family photographs that have been handed down the generations and these are very special heirlooms - among the most intimate and personal items associated with past family members.

Dating Old Photographs – The Clues that Tintypes Hold, 1890.

Sometimes we already know for certain, or have a good idea, which ancestors are pictured in these historic images, but since many photographs were not firmly identified at the time, there may well be some whose subjects are completely unrecognisable to us today.

Th Century Card <strong>Photos</strong> KwikGuide A Step-by-Step.

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This information was found in advertising in magazines, in the antique , or listings on EBAY.

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Identifying photographs incorrectly not only leads to serious errors in compiling our visual family tree, but can also obscure what the pictures are actually telling us – visual pointers to what may be fascinating truths about our past., we have a special three-part series of photo dating articles explaining all about the different photos that crop up in the family picture collection.

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