Dating cabinet photos

Dating and interpreting Victorian portrait photographs

Photo dating series runs from the September through to November issues and each feature is illustrated with images that reflect the kinds of photos surviving in many family collections.

Identifying & Dating Cabinet Cards — Sharing The Past

These should answer some of your photographic queries and hopefully the ability to date images more reliably will help with identifying some of those mystery family members.

Th Century Card <em>Photos</em> KwikGuide A Step-by-Step Guide to.

Guide to Identifying and Dating Photographs David Cycleback.

The term Hoosier Cabinets is a broad category term that implies a style of cabinet that was manufactured in or near the state of Indiana.

Th Century Card Photos KwikGuide A Step-by-Step.

Most of the older free standing style of kitchen cabinets were actually made near Indiana and there for can be rhtly ed HOOSIER CABINETS.

Dating cabinet photos:

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